GME, Alex Laughlin Head To The Land Of 1000 Lakes

GME, Alex Laughlin Head To The Land Of 1000 Lakes

Racing has its highs and it has its lows. Indianapolis didn’t quite go the way Alex would have hoped but he looks to rebound this weekend at the Lucas Oil NHRA Nationals. Held at Brainerd International Raceway in Brained, MN Alex hopes to make a splash in the “Land of 1000 Lakes.”

Alex in his own words…

Indy Regional Update: I single handedly wasted a winning race today! I always roll in to Pre-Stage deep, that way it's very close to the Staging beams and I know exactly where the car is and can stage as shallow as possible. Anyway, I rolled in just a touch too deep and turned on both bulbs. Within a second, the other car staged and the tree flashed. I didn't have enough time to go through the usual 6-step process before the tree told us "GO"… 100% driver mistake and I fully take the blame on not taking home the win this weekend. We had a good and consistent racecar. Even though we lost, we had a great run and still went 266mph. I'm going to chalk this up and say that was the bad luck we just got out of the way so we can kill it in a few weeks at the US Nationals here in Indy. #winsomelosesome #bummerdude #gasmonkey #gasmonkeyenergy #advanceautoparts #speedsociety #protecttheharvest

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