10 Questions with AJE Motorsports Mechanic Blake McCarthy

By March 26, 2019News

Blake McCarthy

10 Questions with AJE Motorsports Mechanic, Blake McCarthy.

A behind the scenes look into the life and career of Aussie Blake McCarthy, Mechanic for supercross privateer team, AJE Motorsports. Spoiler: his favorite flavor is Gas Monkey Energy Tropical. 

“Always wanting a podium finish. That’s always on my mind – are we going to podium tomorrow?”

Gas Monkey Energy: Tell us about yourself and your role with AJE Motorsports?

I’m originally from Australia. I’ve been with AJE Motorsports since October 2018 and I’m Justin Starling’s mechanic. I grew up around bikes, and have bene doing this for over 15 years. My dad got me into racing. He’s pretty popular back home building bikes and what not, so I kind of wanted to keep the legacy going.

Gas Monkey Energy: Is racing your full-time occupation?

Yep – sure is. Day to day I make sure Justin’s bike is good and ready to race. I do some stuff with the semi-trailer, really helping our team owner, Tony, as much as I can.

Gas Monkey Energy: Looking back from where you started, how did you see this journey originally taking you?

I didn’t think I would get this big in a space of 4 years. I used to work on RCH Factory Suzuki and Factory Honda team before joining AJE Motorsports. I didn’t think I’d get this extreme so quickly [after leaving Australia in 2015]. It’s a blessing for sure.

Gas Monkey Energy: What has been the hardest thing for you to overcome?

Leaving Australia and my family behind, starting new is always scary but I have a family that backs me. I went straight to Cycle Trader Yamaha, it’s a satellite team. When I left Australia, I knew I was going to that team and I knew what was expected. So, to leave that team and step into Honda and then Suzuki Factory teams– THAT was HUGE.

Gas Monkey Energy: How did you find AJE Motorsports?

They approached me, they knew I was looking or something long term – and I wanted to get into a set location in Phoenix. And Tony was super cool – he called me, and we spoke for a good 3 months before I came down here, met him, and signed the deal.

Gas Monkey Energy: What is your go-to pre-race meal?

Whatever is put out on the table. I’m not fussy.

Gas Monkey Energy: Some athletes tend to have a superstitious ritual before competing, do you have any?

Justin & I do a shake and bake type move – where we fist bump each other and I pat him on the ass. It seems to work every time.

Gas Monkey Energy: What is your favorite Gas Monkey Energy flavor?

Tropical. I just like it best – and it looks cooler.

Gas Monkey Energy: It’s race day, and everyone has a part to play, what’s yours?

Justin’s #1 fan and friend and mechanic.

Gas Monkey Energy: What goes through your head the night before race day?

Always wanting a podium finish. That’s always on my mind – are we going to podium tomorrow?

“Thankful for Tony giving me the opportunity and thanks to Richard Rawlings & Gas Monkey Energy for believing in us”

Best of luck to the whole AJE Motorsports team as they head to Houston to race at NRG Stadium for Round 8 of the 250 Class West Coast Series. You can find where to purchase Gas Monkey Energy near the track including Timewise, Circle K, CEFCO, and Buc-ee’s using our website store locator here. GYSOT!

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